The Practical, Data-Driven Persona Approach You Can Use Right Now

data-driven persona

The persona is a much-vaunted, much-maligned tool in digital marketing, helping marketers to define their audience. But most persona programs fall short for four major reasons: They’re fictional They don’t reflect the overall composition of the audience They aren’t data driven They don’t practically translate into marketing campaigns If your personas are not based on […]

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6 Places To Outsource Content For B2B Websites

6 Places for outsourced content

Outsourcing content can help to make companies, like those in B2B, more versatile; getting the work done as necessary without having to directly employ staff. There are plenty of companies that can help with outsourcing. Some specialize in stock photos, others in videos. Some provide copywriting services and others provide infographics. They all work slightly […]

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Organic Matters: Advertising for Permission vs. Awareness Only

Permission vs Awareness

Paid media can generate two things: awareness and action (in this case, permission). Here’s an overview of when to focus paid on permission and when to focus on awareness. 1. There are a couple of fundamental rules marketers often forget to take into consideration in their communications: For a significant percentage of your audience (as […]

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SqueezeCMM Announces New Account Based Marketing Solution

account based marketing

Toronto, Oct 6, 2016 SqueezeCMM, the world’s first platform for enterprise content marketing taxonomy management, announced today its second vertical solution, for Account Based Marketing (ABM). “ABM adoption is exploding because it works, and content plays a huge role in how marketing teams roll it out” says Jennifer Evans, Co-Founder of SqueezeCMM. “SqueezeCMM offers content […]

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Is ‘Social Business’ Dead or Alive?

Management consultant Peter Drucker said: “There are only two things in a business that make money – innovation and marketing, everything else is cost.” Is business actually starting to believe this and what are the implications for social business? First, a definition: social business is strategically engaging customers/ employees/ vendors in dialogue in areas that […]

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How Digital Customer Behavior Is Changing Brand Management

brand management

    To say that the brand management universe in 2016 is complicated… is a bit of a truism. The way people experience a brand today is far different from what has come before. Traditionally, brand experiences were the result of messages conveyed via broadcast mediums; audiences could only form relatively vague impressions of what those brands represented. […]

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Content Marketing – From Brand Journalism to Tools for Diagnosis

content marketing

We think about content marketing as being the same as brand journalism. But for considered purchases and B2B, content marketing is more effective when it’s less about articles and more about tools. When we talk about marketing content we are mainly talking about articles, blog posts and other narrative-style content that has its roots in […]

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