Context is king. With a Content Taxonomy you learn your content’s context and gain knowledge and insight into your content you never imagined possible.

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Our Secret Sauce? – Content Taxonomy


First of all, SqueezeCMM adds a content taxonomy layer that helps you track all the data you’re missing. As a result you get insights you’ve never seen before

A content taxonomy describes the variables (or metadata) for your content, consequently you’ll probably get the most relevant reporting, analysis and insight of your career.


Examples of variables you can track.




Insights With and Without Content Taxonomy



Content Taxonomy helps you go beyond simple metrics and offers deep, actionable insights

SqueezeCMM optimized ad targeting by 30%

Gary Coichy

Associate Director, MediaCom

SqueezeCMM is an easy-to-use tool that provides very useful audience and content performance insights. It helps our marketing team at Cision Canada understand where their content actually generates ROI.

Terry Foster

President, Cision Canada


Some of what SqueezeCMM Allows You to Measure


Multi Channel Breakdown: Seems like you should know if you are deploying the right content on the right channels. See the top assets for clicks and conversions on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or any other content asset. Oh, and you probably want to compare one Twitter channel to another, one facebook account to another? No problem.



Long Tail Content Performance: View clicks and conversions of one asset over one year to see when you need to update the content or replace it. Most other platforms only allow you see data for a 30-90 day period. 

Buying Stage Performance: Different content performs at different stages of a buying cycle. SqueezeCMM allows marketers to see the funnel in action and compare content assets that moved prospects along the funnel, and those that didn’t.

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Smarter Lead Gen Attribution: Determine which content is driving leads, email opt-ins, and new accounts. Segment your data to discover the most profitable content by channel and audience. Also integrates with GA or Omniture.

Paid Traffic Suggestions: After analyzing millions of clicks we’ve developed an algorithm that measures content velocity (a time/volume based metric) that allows you to quickly determine the probability of having a successful campaign. Perfect for testing organic content and then scaling top performers.



And much much more!


What’s Possible? 


Advanced Profiling



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