How is Your Content Marketing Performing?

Measure the ROI of your content. No spreadsheets. No help from the IT guys. Just plug-in and go. If you’ve produced 5+ content assets and you’re distributing them on 5+ channels, SqueezeCMM can give you performance insights you can apply right away to optimize your program simply, without any coding, in 24 hours.

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Who Uses SqueezeCMM?


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The simplest, most data-rich content metrics across any content campaigns on any platform. Classify content using universal tagging, and get reports at individual, regional, global levels.

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Capture data on prospects’ content consumption in real-time, in one dashboard. Ideally suited for account-based marketing and social selling programs.

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Offer powerful content performance metrics that will give your clients data and insight that your competitors can’t touch. Integrate into existing workflow simply and quickly.



How It Works

SqueezeCMM adds data about your content to each link. It works like this:

1. Paste the long link into the URL field
2. Add data about the content it’s pointing to: channel, theme, content format, target audience, buying stage
3. Squeeze it, post it, and see how it performed!

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Custom Tagging

Label your content with different aspects you want to track across all your content assets: format, target audience, or more. Learn more about tagging by clicking this link to attend one of our webinars or read about them in this article summary.


Enterprise Link Performance

90% of content goes through links. Do you understand the behaviour of all activity on those links? You don’t without a centralized cross channel link performance solution like SqueezeCMM.


Bulk Link Shortening

The average enterprise publishes 30 pieces of content an hour through dozens of channels including sales reps, social and other platforms. Are you still using Excel to manage the data for those links?


Real Time Analytics

Know what is happening and be able to respond with real time content performance tracking. Sometimes you just have to pull a non-converting asset!




How to Measure B2B Content Marketing: Lessons from Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec
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Content Classification: How to Setup Your Links to Track the Customer Journey
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SqueezeCMM is an easy-to-use tool that provides very useful audience and content performance insights. It helps our marketing team at Cision Canada understand where their content actually generates ROI.

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Former President, Cision Canada


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