5 tips to help your customers fall madly in love with your message

When it comes to your B2B content, you may have an outside copywriter write it for you. Or, you may try to follow all of the tips and insights out there and write it yourself. Either way, when was the last time you reviewed your process? What are your response rates on your call-to-action? Do […]

3 Tips to Turn Your Content Into Sales

  You write and post blogs on a regular basis, but nothing happens. They just sit there and you waste time, money and effort. What’s going on? Well, it can be simple to turn your blog content into sales with these three simple tips… 1. It’s Boring. Does your blog provide value to your target […]

If no one reads your B2B content, does it exist?

Is your content really working for your business? Do you spend a lot of time writing blogs and website content to boost sales for your B2B? That’s great. But, if your target market doesn’t see your content, you just waste time and effort. It’s one thing to create good content. It’s another thing to actually use your […]

3 Reasons B2B Brands Should Aim for Emotional Storytelling


‘A rational framework with no space  — at least or less space — for emotions.’ This is a much-believed formula most business-to-business marketers follow without really questioning it. Marketing driven by emotions is considered to be the something that belongs mainly business-to-customer (B2C) marketers, whereas B2B firms rely on logical strategies and appeals to reason. That’s […]