Content Marketing – From Brand Journalism to Tools for Diagnosis

content marketing

We think about content marketing as being the same as brand journalism. But for considered purchases and B2B, content marketing is more effective when it’s less about articles and more about tools. When we talk about marketing content we are mainly talking about articles, blog posts and other narrative-style content that has its roots in […]

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5 Steps to Stop the Marketing Data Hypnosis and Act

Are you sitting in the same weekly metrics meeting staring at your data, or are you using it? The real point of collecting data is, obviously, applying it. But this often does not happen, with marketing data in particular. The people who are leading the way making data-driven marketing decisions are either in large organizations […]

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Have We Hit Peak Human Marketing?

marketing tools

Have we hit ‘peak human marketing’? Four years ago tech and data to many marketers meant Facebook and pageviews. Today marketing technology has exploded. Is the marketing industry about to experience the tech-related pain publishing has gone through? Marketers, look at the marketing technology landscape and weep. There’s a new marketing sheriff in town and […]

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4 steps to a customer-led, goal-driven B2B content marketing plan

4 Steps to B2B Content Marketing

4 steps to a customer-led, goal-driven B2B content marketing plan Content marketing is effective, but it’s not easy to plan. If it isn’t strategic, based on corporate priorities, it won’t get the right results. Without focus on customer needs, it won’t get attention. Here’s what to do. Nearly 50 percent percent of the 88 percent […]

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When to Adjust Your Startup Marketing Program

Startup Content Marketing

One of the great things about startup marketing is the ability to see a data point and narrow in on a problem. Our first experimental campaign involved targeting Twitter users. With zero paid 100% organic promotion we’ve been happy with the volume and growth of our lead gen since we kicked off at the end […]

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