SqueezeCMM Announces New Account Based Marketing Solution

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Toronto, Oct 6, 2016 SqueezeCMM, the world’s first platform for enterprise content marketing taxonomy management, announced today its second vertical solution, for Account Based Marketing (ABM).

“ABM adoption is exploding because it works, and content plays a huge role in how marketing teams roll it out” says Jennifer Evans, Co-Founder of SqueezeCMM. “SqueezeCMM offers content performance insights for ABM at individual role, account and company levels. It also connects it to other content data from other programs. Marketers can see what content is performing, and where, for one role, one account, one channel, or across an entire marketing program.”

The SqueezeCMM ABM module allows marketers to:
• Classify content based on title, role, and relationship of the prospects you are targeting
• See content performance delivered via email, social, messenger, or 1:1 via a rep’s favorite chat function.
• Track how much of the content was actually consumed per platform, and account, as well

This level of insight will demonstrate to ABM marketers what is resonating and what is not and where to optimize, what to invest in and what to do less of, down to the individual customer level. This will allow marketers to deliver more relevant content to their prospects based on how other customers and prospects have responded, and plan accordingly. Better content programs mean better informed, happier customers.

“It’s important you give account level content performance insights, but also connect to the larger content performance and spend monitoring. SqueezeCMM allows you to do both. All Squeeze modules now come with the ability to track investment and compare it to results right in the application” says Adam Tanton, CEO.

The company has been testing the platform in beta with several customers and is available now to marketing and sales departments. To see the ABM platform in action contact SqueezeCMM.

About SqueezeCMM: SqueezeCMM is a digital taxonomy management platform for enterprises and agencies that enables content marketing performance optimization across email, social media, web and native advertising. The platform provides a centralized view of how audiences engage with content, and which content drives business results. Customers include Raymond James, HP, Dell and Environics Research. The company was selected for CIX20, Metabridge Top15, Extreme Startups (now Highline VC) and won the Canadian SAP Startup Forum. SqueezeCMM was recently listed in the 2016 Branham Top 25 Up and Coming companies.

For more information, contact:
Email: info@squeezecmm.com

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