When to Adjust Your Startup Marketing Program

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When to Adjust Your Startup Marketing Program

One of the great things about startup marketing is the ability to see a data point and narrow in on a problem.

Our first experimental campaign involved targeting Twitter users.

With zero paid 100% organic promotion we’ve been happy with the volume and growth of our lead gen since we kicked off at the end of January (was it only a month ago?!) But we were seeing a disconnect between our product’s existing customer use case (high volume b2b or conversion-focused b2c marketers) and the leads coming through.

For us, the right lead is more important than a high volume of leads. Marketers who get the most value out of SqueezeCMM are either paying to promote their content or publish at least 10 engagement-focused links to content across various channels. We allow marketers to see what is working and double down.

And our own data was telling us it’s not time yet to double down. Few leads were converting to trials. Trials weren’t using the platform fully. And only 10% of the titles of people coming through the system were people who we had identified would get the most out of SqueezeCMM.

So we took a step back. And another step back. And then everything started to come into focus again.

So: we’ve developed a new plan which is going to involve new benchmarks, targets and testing and we will report back on the progress next week!

Three takeaways:

1. If early in your data you aren’t seeing conversions at the bottom of the funnel, don’t keep feeding the top until you figure out the issue

2. If the leads coming in aren’t your target, either your positioning or distribution are off. Try testing positioning with customers and prospects to get closer quickly.

3. You’ll be doing this constantly throughout your marketing campaigns. We’re finding a two-week cadence for our tests right now.

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