Content Marketing DataBase

B2B Marketing analytics that are specific to your business and your content. Define your own metadata and track every ad, link, image, video, article, webpage, blog post or any other piece of content on any channel through all buyer stages. When you start using SqueezeCMM we will help you define the data and insights that are most critical.


Custom Tailored Data

Every organization is different, why use cookie-cutter analytics that a software developer threw in as an add-on to their platform?


Feed Your AI

Using AI or planning to? In order for machines to learn they need data. Lots and lots of data. With SqueezeCMM you decide what metadata to track in order to feed your AI.


Your own custom reports

Since you started with your own custom metadata the reports you get are automatically deeply relevant to your business!


IP addresses of prospects who have interacted with your content, your competitors’ content, or related content, labelled with your taxonomy. Some products will give you the IP Address and Geo Location of your users/leads, some don’t. And no one can tell you the details of the content that lead to a click or conversion.

Problem solved.

Collect Every IP Address

From everyone who interacted with any piece of content on any platform. All in once place.


Inform Your Retargeting

When you know precisely what content an IP address interacted with, you can implement high converting retargeting campaigns targeting those IP addresses with deeply relevant content and ads.

Professional Link Management for Marketers

Most B2B marketers publish 50-60 links a day, B2C marketers even more: in messenger apps, on social media, in email, in SMS, in chats, on forums. Imagine how many a business unit or an enterprise publishes. Tracking them all across multiple platforms and knowing which ones should stay live based on performance is an enormous task. SqueezeCMM has you covered.

Detect Ad Click Fraud

You pay for every click. Through our internal testing we have seen that as much as 50% of clicks from some social/ad platforms are bots. 

SqueezeCMM uses industry leading bot detection to filter all bot traffic from your marketing metrics.

Works with your existing stack

“We love product xyz, but their metrics suck. “ We get that a lot. SqueezeCMM works with your current products to add the metrics you want to any solution.

Enterprise Class URL Redirection Service

There are two essential features for a world class URL redirection service, it’s got to be lightening fast and it can never, ever, go down. SqueezeCMM’s URL redirect is built on the Node.js framework and hosted on AWS auto-scaling infrastructure. 100% uptime for four consecutive years and counting. 

Custom Branded Domains

Use either our own high converting domain or use your own custom branded domain. Whether you want to say or tell the world your content marketing webinars are, SqueezeCMM branded domains give you premium features, reporting, and recognition.