Measure the ROI of Your Content

No spreadsheets. No help from the IT guys. Just plug-in and go.





What B2B marketers need to know about their content – defined.


Are you using Excel to manage link data? Not anymore! Take your column titles and plug them right into SqueezeCMM for all your social, onsite, offsite and partner links. Use SqueezeCMM’s Content Taxonomy Engine to classify your content assets so you can see context and insights you never imagined possible. Connects directly to Google Analytics and Omniture!




Save hours on spreadsheet management


Most B2B marketers publish 50-60 links a day: in messenger apps, on social media, in email, in SMS, in chats, on forums. Imagine how many a business unit or an enterprise publishes. Tracking them all across multiple platforms and knowing which ones should stay live based on performance is an enormous task. SqueezeCMM’s Bulk Squeeze and enterprise link management capabilities allow you to see the status of, edit, and add classification tags to hundreds, thousands or millions of links at once. Connect and centrally manage all marketing data from SqueezeCMM’s single platform.




When you need to respond in the moment


Wondering if that email campaign is outperforming social this morning? Not sure when to shift a content asset from organic to paid? SqueezeCMM’s real time omni-channel content performance data shows organic and paid side by side, telling you exactly what is happening, where, and when. Make decisions about what content and content-based ads you’re running based on real time performance.





Click rates are 15-20% higher with branded short domains, and you can use SqueezeCMM to host yours – and get the benefit of unlimited custom extensions too. Whether you want to say or tell the world your content marketing webinars are, SqueezeCMM branded domains give you premium features, reporting, and recognition.